Jay Baruchel Comedy Ordered For FXX: Man Seeking Woman


You guys and gals all know Jay Baruchel, right? Well, even if you think you don’t, you do. You know the skinny looking dude who is in all Judd Apatow movies (and about a million others) yet no one knows his name? Well, that is his name. He also did the Apatow show Freaks and Geeks many years ago, so the TV format is not something he is unfamiliar with. Well, seems the actor just landed himself his own comedy for FXX which will center around him trying to find the right woman. Something tells me using the plural here makes more sense: women.

The show, called Man Seeking Woman, will be set to air on the FXX network. It is actually based off the book called Last Girlfriend on Earth by fomer SNL writer Simon Rich. The book is incredibly funny, so we hope that magic can transform to the screen. The talent on board seems to indicate that has some real potential at happening.

The show follows Josh Greenberg as he tries to survive the world of dating. Saying survive may sound a little extreme, but being young and trying to date is not the easiest things these days. Between apps and attitude, you never quite know what you are going to get. You can be sure there will be some awkward moments (Jay Baruchel plays that quite well) and you know finding love will not be easy for him. But that should be half the fun of the show.

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    He was never on Freaks and Geeks, he was on Undeclared.