Jay Leno Is Not Excited To Leave Tonight Show

jay leno

Believe it or not, and no matter what you may think to the opposite, Jay Leno is not excited to leave The Tonight Show. You heard all the drama that surrounded him when he left the first time, right? How he gave his show to Conan and then decided to take it back, leaving Conan without a job? Well, according to him, that was not his decision and he just a minor person in that whole process. He says that was all the networks doing. Basically, Jay Leno wants to point out he was as much a victim in this as anyone else and is still bitter.

His exact words were “It’s not my decision, and I probably would have stayed if we didn’t have an extremely qualified young guy, ready to jump in.” The interview itself was with 60 Minutes, but Uproxx paraphrased most of it for us. It totally makes sense to us that Jay Leno is not excited to leave Tonight Show, though. It is one of the longest running and most consistently successful shows on TV. It cannot be an easy thing to just walk away from that.

But in the same breath, we think Leno needs to take some ownership. He may want to act like he has no say in all this, but we tend to know better. He may also be a victim in it, but be enough of a man to notice how lucky you were to have as long a run as you did, and pass that run on with humility.

Not kicking and screaming like Leno is right now. Fallon deserves better. Frankly, so did Conan.

[Photo via Mike Windle/Stringer]

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