Why Did Jay Leno Show Up on Arsenio Hall Show?

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I would have guessed the first talk show Jay Leno will appear on post retirement will be the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Or maybe even Seth Meyer’s show, to show some support for him. You know what nobody was thinking? That the first show Leno would be on would be The Arsenio Hall Show. Wait, why did Jay Leno who up on Arsenio Hall? That makes next to no sense. Well, there is a reason, but I also have my own theories on why this is. An odd move, yes. But in my opinion, a very calculated one.

So again, for those who missed it. Why did Jay Leno show up on The Arsenio Hall Show? First off, the rumor is that these two are friends in real life, but that cannot be confirmed or denied. The other reason is because he wanted to let Arsenio know his show had been renewed for a second season. That is nice and all, but sort of seems like a diss to his two friends who both have new shows and would have loved him as a guest. My thinking is this. Leno had some real issues with his retirement (rumor is he didn’t want to and they made him) so for him to show up two weeks after his retirement on a different show on a different network (that is technically a rival) is a huge diss to his former employees. I kind of way for him to tell them that they can make him retire from the show, but cannot make him retire from the business. Very interesting. Again, just a theory.

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