Jeff Goldblum Death Reports a Hoax

goldblumThe internet was abuzz yesterday with reports that in addition to Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett’s deaths, that Hollywood had also lost Jeff Goldblum, star of USA’s Law and Order: Criminal Intent in an accident in New Zealand where he was alledgedly filming a movie. But rest assured Goldblum fans, the early reports of his death were absolutely FALSE, and generated via the web. In addition to the Goldblum hoax there was also a slightly less circulated hoax yesterday about Harrison Ford disappearing while on a boat in the French Riviera, which is also totally untrue.

Goldblum’s publicist released a statement last night saying, “Reports that Jeff Goldblum has passed away are completely untrue. He is fine and in Los Angeles.”

Ironically enough, Jeff Goldblum and Harrison Ford will co-star in a movie together next year called “Morning Glory,” a comedy, set in New York, about a failing morning news program, which also stars Rachel McAdams and Diane Keaton.

This hoax actually originated in 2006 but included actors Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise at that time, and wasn’t nearly as successful as the Jeff Goldblum rumor yesterday, which was spread faster due to twitter posts as well as the obvious backlash as Hollywood lost Farrah Fawcett to a long battle with cancer at the age of 62, and then four hours later learned that the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson had been taken to the hospital, and was later pronounced dead, apparantly of cardiac arrest, at the age of 50. Earlier in the week long-time Johnny Carson sidekick, Ed McMahan also died at the age of 86.

No doubt a rough week for Hollywood, with the loss of people who have impacted us in some way on the small screen for many years. Their deaths will be felt by fans for some time. But rest assured that Jeff Goldblum and Harrison Ford are both alive and well.

Source: NYDailyNews

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