Jennifer Carpenter Cast As Lead in New ABC Drama

jennifer carpenter

Jennifer Carpenter is a great actress. She handles tough roles with ease, and can hang with even the big boys. If you recall, Dexter would not have been nearly as good with her character on it. Well, good news for Jennifer Carpenter fans, as she has just been cast as the new lead in a forthcoming ABC show called Sea of Fire. With Jennifer Carpenter cast as lead, we feel like this show is destined to be good.

TV Line has the story, but we will tell you the best parts. The show, called Sea of Fire, will feature Jennifer Carpenter as FBI agent Leah. She is looking into a murder and a disappearance related to three girls who filmed an adult movie. The vibe the show is going for is said to be very Twin Peaks. That news makes me very happy. Jennifer Carpenter cast as lead in new ABC drama that will remind people of Twin Peaks? Fantastic, through and through.

The show will be based on the Dutch series, Vuurzee. It will be a mystery wrapped in an enigma, served with a big helping of the surreal and creepy. Outside of that, very few details are know. We will report more on Sea of Fire as news becomes available.

[Photo via Frazer Harrison/Getty]

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