Jenny McCarthy Joins The View


The single greatest question haunting the soul of man in the last few weeks has been WHO WILL JOIN THE VIEW now that Hasselbeck potatoes has left? Some of us thought it might be a superhero. Some of us thought it might be a seat, left forever empty for symbolism. Well, we can all sleep better tonight knowing Jenny McCarthy will be joining that cast of aging sirens, and honestly, she seems like a perfect fit.

SO why do we say perfect fit, when some people find McCarthy rather loud and abrasive at times? Well, that, my friends, is exactly why she will be a good fit for The View. These are not timid women, who choose to sit back and just let issues fly. This is a group of sirens, lulling men to their shores with the promise of sweet interviews, and then stranding them by turning on them. And while some may question their tactics, the show has lasted for along time in many forms, so maybe it is time we just accept it.

And former host Elisabeth Hasselbeck is no stranger to controversy, sometimes saying things that tended to sit wrong with a great deal of people. So, in essence, The View wanted someone to take that role of rebel rouser, too outspoken to sit down and be quite about issues that, in essence, she may not know about.

So, like I said, Jenny McCarthy will be a perfect fit, because that is who she is, in a nutshell. And now, she is in an even bigger nutshell, surrounded by more nuts, so it might be fun to see how this one plays out.

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