Jerry Seinfeld and Tiny Fey In a Car, Getting Coffee

While we’re still trying to figure out in what shape or form Jerry Seinfeld’s proposed Seinfeld reunion will be taking place (now that we know it’s not a Super Bowl commercial), he’s still doing other things in the mean time. He’s just come out with a new installment of his web series “Comedians in Cards Getting Coffee,” which as always, is exactly what it sounds like.

The comedian he’s taking out on the town this week is none other than Tina Fey, fresh off her Golden Globe hosting duties. It’s pretty funny, and though perhaps not quite as good as his recent trip with Louis CK, is worth watching. They talk about the “female comedy” issue, and which of the two of them is more opaque in public. Both are, but I have to say Seinfeld is especially.

Be sure to stay tuned all the way to the end for the best story of the episode. You can watch the entire thing in all its 17-minute glory above if you so choose.

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