Jim Henson’s Son John Henson Dies at 48 Years Old


I bring you this news with a heavy heart. The Henson name has come to mean a great deal to me over the course of my life, so it is with great sadness that I inform you that Jim Henson’s son, John Henson, died this past weekend from a heart attack. It was John along with his brother who have been working the Henson name back up to the popularity it once had. With the new Muppets movie coming out, and a new show about Henson Muppets and puppets coming on SyFy next month, the new could not have come at a worse time.

I truly believe the Hensons were a special kind of people. From their wild imaginations to their insane levels of creativity, they just brought light, laughter, and magic to all they touched. When Jim Henson died young from complications due to pneumonia, it was hugely upsetting news. So to find out his son passed away in an equally random manner is just as upsetting. I think what we need to do at this point is focus on the good that Jim Henson and John Henson did for this world.

They taught a generation (my generation) that imagination is okay. That hope is needed. That we all need to help each other. That we never stop learning. Above all else, they taught us magic is real. The magic to believe that a sock puppet was suddenly a living, breathing creature. I, for one, am infinitely grateful for what the Hensons have done for this world. I would not be writing, right here, right now, had that not taught me that imagination was okay and encouraged as a child.

So I offer my genuine sympathy to the Henson family regarding the untimely passing of John Henson. Maybe he finally found the rainbow connection. The lovers, the dreamers, and me.

*Single Tear

[Photo via D Dipasupil/Stringer]

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