Jimmy Fallon and Jonah Hill Hashtag Us Into Submission

I have to admit, Jimmy Fallon has been doing great on The Tonight Show so far. He has kept him whimsical charm, and he always keeps his guests laughing, while they keep us watching. One of the things Fallon was best known for was getting stars to act in (utterly hilarious) skits on the show. If you remember last year, he did a bit about hashtags with his BFF, Justin Timberlake? It was hilarious and pretty much #SpotOn for how funny it was. Well, good news. This time, Jimmy Fallon and Jonah Hill are the ones who hashtag to great comical effect.

The idea behind these sketches are that the very idea of hashtags are stupid. If you don’t think that, maybe you need to see them applied to real life to realize. Wow, we would truly sound like fools if we talked like that. But, that disclaimer out of the way, when Jimmy Fallon and Jonha Hill talk like that it slays us.

Everything about it is perfect. But there is one particular stretch during that video (around 40-50 second mark) where there are some high speed Harry Potter jokes made, followed by a serious Snape impression. It was pretty much #daBomb. No, but all kidding aside (#KindaStillKidding), I would love to hangout with these two and make hashtag jokes. #Stalking.

See, I was only using them to show how ridiculous it really is. Well, ridiculous, and kind of funny. Sorry, just #KeepingItReal.

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