Jimmy Fallon and Pitbull Play Beer Pong Outside Moe’s Tavern


The single thing we like most about Jimmy Fallon and his stint on late night is the strange cavalcade of things that he gets celebrities to do with him for laughs. From big wheel races to three point contests, nothing is off limits or impossible if you are a guest of Jimmy Fallon. Well, this week he may have just topped himself. Not only did he go to Moe’s Tavern (the real life version of the bar from The Simpsons) but he also got Pitbull to play with him. Not an actual Pitbull, though. Just the musician. I mean, if he got an actual Pitbull to play, that would have been insane.

Now I know, this is juvenile, but I will be the honest the first reaction it got from me. WHERE IS MOE’S TAVERN? I mean, they were inside it, too, and it looked exactly like the one from the show. I don’t even drink and I would go chug one there just for laughs. Anyway, enough talk. Time to see a late night host play beer pong against a man named after a dog outside of a cartoon tavern. Please let it be known we do not encourage the behavior seen on this video.

Did I fail to mention they were playing pong outside of Moe’s Tavern in honor of the World Cup? Yup. That is like three articles in one. You’re welcome.

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    It’s in Universal Studios.