Jimmy Fallon’s Got Huge Guests Booked For Episode One

jimmy fallon

We all know Jimmy Fallon is about to take over The Tonight Show from Jay Leno. But what do we actually know about what he has in store for us? Well, so far we know very little. But we just found out something pretty awesome. Jimmy Fallon’s got some huge guests booked for episode one of his run on The Tonight Show. Musical guests who are classic in their genres. Musical guests you don’t often see on TV anymore. Get ready, kids, this is a good reason to get excited.

So as Billboard pointed out, both U2 and Will Smith are booked for the first episode of The Tonight Show. See, when I say Jimmy Fallon’s got huge guests booked, I really mean that Jimmy Fallon has huge guests booked. If those two are any indication, Jimmy Fallon and the Tonight Show are going to be a pretty amazing fit. When was the last time you saw Will Smith on a talk show? To double that, when was the last time you saw U2 as a musical guests on a talk show? Let’s not forget, Fallon has made a huge impression on pop culture in the last five years, and we should expect that reflected in his first roster of guests.

Tune in Feb 17th for the premiere of Jimmy Fallon hosting the Tonight Show. Sounds like he is gonna get jiggy with it. Sorry. That was low hanging fruit.

[Photo via Frederick M. Brown/Getty]

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