Jimmy Kimmel Pranks the Entire Internet


If you had an internet connection last week, chances are you saw this video. It’s a girl trying to emulate Miley Cyrus’s latest twerking trend, but she ends up in flames by the end. It’s the kind of thing that combines a popular phenomenon with horrible tragedy, so naturally it was popular!

Well, if you’re like me, you wondered what exactly happened once the camera cut out. The girl was still on fire! Is she okay? There had to be more to the story that what we saw onscreen.

Turns out there was. The entire video turned out to be a staged viral prank by Jimmy Kimmel. In the video below, we see the unedited footage from the video where Kimmel comes in with a fire extinguisher to save the day.

You got us, Kimmel, good work. Though I have to wonder how many other videos are out there Kimmel’s made that just DIDN’T go viral.


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