Jimmy Kimmel Reunites the Friends Ladies On His Show


Jennifer Aniston was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel last night, which allowed the TV host to act out some of his old Friends fan-fiction. Naturally, it’s a bit..provocative in nature. And also terrible, as most fan-fiction is (no offense, fan-fictioners).

In it, Kimmel replaces Joey and Chandler with himself as Ross only, and therefore he gets all the ladies to himself.

And all the ladies show up! Kimmel actually wrangled Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow to show up for the skit, much to the delight of the audience. All three of them look great, of course, and it really is strange seeing them back together. I’m amaze they were able to recreate the set like this as well, unless the whole thing has been preserved as a kind of ode to TV history, or something like that. But if so, I’d be surprised if NBC let him in to use it, given that he’s on ABC. This kind of seems more like something Fallon would do, although instead of the fantasy script, they’d all be hula-hooping or playing Dance Central on Kinect or something.

There’s been talk of an official Friends reunion for quite some time now, but nothing solid appears to be materializing, and this is probably the closest we’ll get to that for a while a least. I would predict that Kimmel may try to wrangle up the guys for a sequel to this concept, given how popular this clip has become already.

If you haven’t watched it yet, you can check it out here.

[Photo via ABC]

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