Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara Are Dating

sofia vergara

Sometimes a celebrity couple gets together and you laugh to yourself at how odd the connection must be. Remember when Julia Roberts was dating Lyle Lovett? Well, even if you don’t, what we are about to tell you is the opposite of that. As stated in the title above, Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara are dating. As much as we normally scoff, we actually stopped for a second and thought about this one, and wouldn’t you know: it kinda makes perfect sense.

In both cases, you have TV stars who are very well known. In both cases, you have older sex symbols who are quite fit and attractive, especially considering their age. You also have two stars who actually seem like they would get along in real life. Joe seems like a genuinely warm and funny guy anytime you see him in interviews, and Sofia always seems like she is looking to laugh or poke fun at herself. The only real kicker here is how this all happened. It was the old school “Joe talked about how fine she was in an interview even though she was engaged and she broke off her engagement to be with the hunk” story. Okay, so maybe some hearts got broken in the process of these two finding love.

But truth is, who cares. Love comes, love goes. And like this, and on the odd occasion that it is TV related, we talk about it.

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