John Malkovich Talks About What Sets Crossbones Apart From Typical Pirate Fare


I, for one, think the new pirate show Crossbones on NBC looks amazing. Not only does it look to capture the feel of that time (the sets and wardrobe look nothing short of incredibly expensive), but John Malkovich is leading the show as a sort of re-imagined, older take on Blackbeard. But really, what makes Crossbones any different than any of the other pirate shows we are being nundated with now? Well, two words, John Malkovich.

The actor himself, Malkovich, sat down with a bevvy of reporters and talked a bit about Crossbones, and just what to expect from his take on the legendary pirate, Blackbeard. When asked about the lack of black beard on black beard this time, he was quick to point out that this story takes place many years after Blackbeard supposedly died. He is a sort of king of an island full of Misfits like him, and thus, the need for an older, more storied look for Blackbeard was put in place to match the canon they were creating.

There are also some really interesting dynamics. He hints that the headaches we see Blackbeard suffering in the first episode are a very important part of the story, but just how, we do not know yet. Honestly, this is a pirate show starring John Malkovich. If those two things aren’t enough to get you watching, you and I probably would not get along. The only thing that makes me sad about this is it means he will not show up on Game of Thrones anytime soon. Secretly, that is where I have hoped Malkovich would have landed next. He would have made a great Walder Frey.

Admit it, you know I am right.

[Photo via NBC]

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