John Oliver Was Approached About A Late Show In CBS

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So today, it seems the big news is David Letterman announcing he will retire (and be replaced) in 2015. While we do think this makes sense (jump off the boat while folks still have a very favorable impression of you), we know that CBS is going to be facing the brutal challenge of filing up the slot, and potentially filling up Craig Ferguson’s spot too, as his contract is up in 2014. Well, we now know one person they offered the job to (who declined). Community and Daily Show alum, John Oliver.

The interesting side note is that they were going to most likely offer John Oliver Craig Ferguson’s 12:30 time slot, and not the Letterman slot, which is far more ideal. Oliver actually decided the best way to go to stick true to his style of humor was HBO. They would allow him more creative movement with his show, and more creative freedom to make it the show he wanted, as oppose to stepping into an already established show, which can be tough for anyone. This only leads us to more questions, though. Mainly, who is up for Letterman’s spot?

Reality is, we have yet to find out. My secret guess is going to be Louis C.K. Remember, a BIG chink of Louis’s third season was about Letterman retiring him and the network considering him for the show. I find myself wondering now if that was actually based in truth or not. I guess we will just have to wait. And as far as John Oliver goes, here’s hoping he made the right decision. Only time will tell…

[Photo via Frederick M. Brown / Stringer]

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