John Oliver Made Mike Pence’s Rabbit the Star of a Gay Children’s Book

John Oliver definitely had fun making Mike Pence’s rabbit the star of a gay children’s book, probably as much fun as he did mentioning how Pence might have traded his junk for a marshmallow peep. In fact it’s safe to say that Oliver had an awesome time just putting the vice president on blast and quite honestly it’s ‘refreshing’ to see it really. So far Pence has been highly criticized for the act of doing absolutely nothing when it comes to his job in office, which unfortunately for him is not all unfair criticism. Pence has been making his bed for a while with his stance on discriminatory practices towards many people in this country. His dislike and public discrimination against the LGBTQ community has become something that he will likely be known for throughout the rest of history.

Pence’s stance on homosexuality and conversion therapy is something that’s about as hypocritical as it can be without stepping over the line and admitting that he’s truly a bigot. Perhaps that’s why A Day in the Life of Martin Bundo, a book written in response to the book that was released by Pence about his family rabbit, should be something that really gets his goat. The mere fact that man that is in the White House as the second in command has such a severe bias against any community within the US, a community that he, like so many other elected politicians, is sworn to SERVE and UPHOLD, is kind of scary really. It sends a message that our leaders are not only fallible but are willingly so and can’t be counted on to accept that their fellow citizens are human beings that deserve the respect and dignity that is afforded to everyone. Pence might be a man that knows how to get what he wants but in deciding to discriminate against a certain type of people he’s biting off more than he can chew.

The Martin Bundo book is something that is kind of petty in a way when it comes to serving up a big helping of humble pie but it’s also something that kind of fights fire with fire when dealing with Pence. It might not be entirely mature but it certainly gets the message across and since there’s no sign of slander or libelous speech then there’s really nothing he can do about it that wouldn’t reflect poorly on him or anyone else associated with him. Homosexuality might not be something we all agree on at any given time but it is certainly a right of any born and free-thinking human being. Attempting to bash someone or their beliefs when it comes to their sexuality is the act of someone that refuses to understand the world they live in.

Pence might have his good qualities that are hidden away by the rhetoric and stuttering, stumbling answers he gives onscreen, but if that’s the case then a lot of people have yet to see them. Enjoy the book if you happen to find it.

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