John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight Debuts in April

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In the past few years, John Oliver sort of came out of nowhere and took over the world. The Daily Show correspondent turned Community star turned  (kind of) over night sensation. Well, guess what. HBO, further proving they are geniuses, decided to give the man his own show. John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight. Yes, that IS the best name of any talk show, ever. I mean, think about it. Those shows always talk about what happened last week, but they talk about it THAT night. If the name if any indication, this show will be amazing. As if any of us had any doubts.

John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight will be debuting in April. April 27th at 11 PM, to be exact. The show will air on HBO and will be very much in the vein of The Daily Show. The show will feature Oliver being snarky about news stories, potentially having some guests, and also doing some “on the streets” bits. So it is everything you came to know and love John Oliver for. There are some more details over at HBO Watch right now.

As much as I love John Oliver, this all does beg one question, though. We seriously wonder how the people on The Daily Show feel. They help make him a household name, and he goes and makes an alternative to their show. Do you think they feel slightly annoyed or threatened by that? Or do you think they appreciate him for what he does and have no problems with it? It is like creating your own competition. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out in the ratings. But keep in mind, John Lover’s Last Week Tonight will be one show a week, whereas the Daily Show is still five, so we think they have nothing to worry about.

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