John Travolta Owns Up To Oscar Name Flub


Hey, remember that time Jen Travolota messed up that name at the Oscars this year? Can you even imagine how embarrassed he must have felt? I mean, the woman’s name was not exactly the kind of name that roles off the tongue, but there is no excuse for that kind of shoddy presentation when you work in a field like film. But, to his credit, John Travolta has come out and owned up to messing up Idina Menzel’s name. Sorry guys, I know that low hanging fruit, but I had to go for it. All credit to TV Line for making the joke first. I cannot steal something from TV Vine and not feel bad about it.

So basically, John Travolta came out and said that he thinks that Idina herself would tell him to “Let It Go” (wow, nice job, John. I see what you did there), and so he needs to stop beating himself up for it. Truth is, we, as journalists are really grateful for moments like that. You see, when a star does something like that, I get we to write something like this. A piece that I think is gold and full of genius in jokes, but in reality, is kind of the same as all the other journalists who think they are the only person doing that. In other words, we mess up, too. Their mess ups make it easier for us to mess up. Wait, I am losing what I was talking about here.

Oh yeah, Jean Traviola.

See, I just can’t help myself. Let it go, people. Let it go.

[Photo via Pascal Le Segretain/Getty]

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