Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel Have A “Beef”


Man, that Kanye West is at it again. While seemingly always mad about something, this time it seems the outspoken superstar has had some words to say on Twitter against late night talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel. If you read Kanye’s tweets, it is clear to see he is quite mad at the host, but when Jimmy Kimmel was asked about it, even HE claims to have no idea why Kanye is mad. Wow, seems like we got a Scooby mystery here, people.

Well, actually, Jimmy Kimmel knows why.

Because he did a skit making fun of Kanye’s recent interview with the BBC. We all know that Kanye West is known for not having the best sense of humor regarding himself, and if we did not already know that, now we do. The long and the short is, the day after Kimmel ran the skit, Kanye West took to Twitter, and went on an anti-Kimmel rant towards the star. You want to know how we know Kanye was REAL mad? Because he used all caps. Anytime someone uses all caps, THAT MEANS THEY ARE YELLING AT YOU!

Sorry to yell, but it helped drive  my point home.

The best part in all this is Kimmel seems to be taking it all in stride, as you will see when you click here. Note, we are NOT including any of Kanye’s actual rant in this article because this is a family site, and most of what he said is not very SFW.

Honestly, if no one else will say it, we will. Kanye West needs to chill out.

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