Katie Couric’s Show Gets Canceled

Remy Carreiro December 20, 2013 0

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Though people have been saying this was coming for some time, it  is still a sad day for fans of Katie Couric. What, you didn’t hear? Katie Couric’s show got canceled. Well, not yet. Technically, it will end in Summer of 2014. That’s the good news for her fans. Gives them some time to process it. Also, we can’t help but think that a woman as talented and driven as Katie Couric will have no problem finding another show to host or co-host soon. For now, though, this is the last run of Katie Couric’s  daytime talk show.

As TV Line reports, she already has a new gig, though. She is the global anchor for Yahoo. So if anything, true fans of Katie Couric should just be grateful that she doesn’t have such an insane workload now. The reasons for the cancellation of her daytime show is because ratings have been on the steady decline since the first season. She claims her and Disney-ABC came to the decision together. They still decided to tape Katie Couric’s show until June of 2014, so don’t fret. She is not just up and vanishing on you.

Safe to say this driven woman will not have to worry about finding any work. What do you think Katie Couric should do next? Take to the comments and let us know.

Photo by Noam Galai/WireImage