Killer Karaoke is Back, Somehow


Do you guys remember the Tru TV show, Killer Karaoke, from last year. You know, the show where they dip a woman into a vat of eels and then require her to sing an entire song without messing up? You know, the show where they hook up a guy to shocking prods, and while he is singing Journey, they shock him over and over to see if he can keep his composure. Yes, THAT show. The show that seemed like it proved in spades the world is out of ideas and probably going to end soon. Yes, that show. Well, it’s back. Somehow.

You know what no one said, ever? Man, I really miss the wonderful hosting abilities of Steve-O, and the awesome talent that was on the show Killer Karaoke, and I sure wish it was back on TV. Literally, no one ever said that. But guess what? It is back, much like Jason from Friday the 13th comes back, no matter how many times and ways in which you kill him. If you ever wanted to see a bad singer get forced into an odd scenario where they somehow manage to sing even worse, this show is for you. It is also for sadists and people who do not know what good TV is.

That being said, I had to On-Demand last night’s new episode, so if you’ll excuse me, I am gonna go watch it and wonder how many places I went wrong with my own life to end up like this.

[Photo via Chelsea Lauren / Contributor]

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