King of the Hill Revival Being Talked about: Is it Time?

It seems to be a time to revisit the past in a way that seems nostalgic but is really just a means of pulling up the old shows by the boot straps and giving them another run now that the world has changed just enough. Granted, the shows and movies that are making a comeback, or rather, being shoved into the spotlight once again by those that can’t seem to leave well enough alone, were quite popular in their time. But try shoving a caveman into the 21st century and you’re going to have a few issues involving a grasp of what’s happening and a very surprising, if not unwanted reaction. In short, King of the Hill was a popular cartoon in its time and it wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world to bring it back. But after some serious consideration and a few seconds lucidity the reasoning behind bringing it back seems a little faulty.

With the current political landscape you know where Hank and Bill would lean towards.

Hank would no doubt endorse president Trump and despite a few misgivings would go on to laud the current POTUS in many ways throughout the show in an effort show that the Hills were given over to solidarity. Peggy of course would follow suit not just because of Hank but also because, let’s face it, Peggy is one of those that thinks she’s infallible no matter if she trips and her nose gets jammed into gopher hole filled with fire ants. Bill would simply follow suit with Hank and Peggy largely because he’s a follower and has the brain of split pea. Boomhauer would more likely than not be a silent party while Dale, sigh, Dale would do anything just to cause trouble because, well, that’s Dale.

If they were going to stick to the current timeline then Bobby would either be finishing up high school or possibly going to college.

Oh who am I kidding? At the most Bobby would be going to a trade school or a community college. Let’s face it, the boy ain’t right. He’s been smart at times but a downright dimwit at others. It’s surprising too considering that he has a fairly intelligent father and a mother that actually prizes herself at substitute teaching. Yeah, I just caught that too. Nothing wrong with substitute teaching, but being proud enough of it to use it continuously on your resume is a bit much. Anyway, Bobby would be off on the next part of his life, Luanne would hopefully be a successful hairdresser or something similar, and Hank and Peggy would have the house to themselves finally.  That seems like it would be kind of boring. As a means of keeping it interesting it would actually be best to say that Bobby is in school but without his own place and Luanne is still mooching off her aunt and uncle.

Instead of being about a fairly well-balanced family, now we  would have the real American family that don’t kick their kids out at a certain age and allow them to live at home like giant leeches. Sounds like an idea for a show, doesn’t it?


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