Did You Know British Show “Days Like These” Was a Nearly Word-for-Word remake of “That 70s Show?”

Is this a joke? Did Britain really come up with a knockoff show that mirrors That 70’s Show? So let me get this straight, a lot of the English still think that American’s are preening peacocks because of what’s known across the pond as “the giant temper tantrum” and yet they decide to go and rip off one of our most beloved shows with a knockoff like this?


Yeah, I said it, meh. That 70’s show was great in its own time but nowadays it seems like if people want to rip it off then they can just go ahead and try. They’re not going to get the same magic from it, especially if people in Britain ever watched the actual show that gave rise to Days Like This. Those that enjoyed the original show will know that you just can’t beat the original.

But then again each and every region needs their own form of entertainment. It would have been nice though if the creators of this show had gone in a different direction and decided to copy the show so blatantly.  I kind of wonder if That 70’s Show ever got wind of this and if they did what happened. TV shows and their producers are notorious for getting bent out of shape when something untoward like this happens and there’s good reason.  Any time you create something you want it to remain yours unless someone is willing to pay you for the rights to reproduce it or change it in any way. Those that attempt to copy or otherwise steal the creation are usually those that can’t make anything on their own and need to follow someone else’s idea word for word.

The fortunate thing is that Days Like These is not straight up plagiarism, which is a good thing. Instead it’s a remake that enjoyed at least some popularity in its native region and ran for a total of ten episodes. Each character, each episode, and every situation they found themselves in was staged almost just as it was in That 70’s Show, which to some viewers might have seemed pointless.

A remake is not the same as a reboot, but at the very least you’d expect the remake to be something better than or equally good as the original. Days Like These was a train wreck. The acting was horrible, the plot lines were so full of holes that you could have driven a truck through some of them, and the quality of the show was horrible. It was almost as though they’d filmed this show in the early 70’s and then left it to sit for a number of years before pulling it out of the archives.

It’s not always fair to criticize a show without watching the entire season, but after one episode of insipid dialogue and  recognizing what’s going to happen and how each character is going to react it becomes a little bothersome. If it wasn’t so contrived it might have actually been a decent show.


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