Kristen Ritter To Star in Will Ferrell New NBC Comedy


We told you guys last month about the new show NBC picked up from Will Ferrell called Mission Control, about a woman butting heads with a macho man during the space race. Think Anchorman in space and you have a pretty good idea. Well, the show has been fairly mum about details so far, but we finally got one, and it’s real good. Set to play the female lead in the show is the lovely and talented Kristen Ritter, best known for Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23. This show keeps sounding better and better to me.

Kristen Ritter will play Mary in Mission Control. She is the head engineer who leads the Apollo Team at Mission Control at NASA. In other words, she will be the one (very strong) female among all males. Her problem will be getting taken seriously when surrounded by so much machismo. It sounds like an idea that will lend itself very heavily to some awesomely comical moments, and for that reason, it is one the show most on our radar right now. Just the potential for back-and-forths here could be side splitting. It also doesn’t hurt the amount of talent on board.

Kristen Ritter will also be getting credit as a producer on the show, so just how involved she is, we do not know yet. But it sounds like she will have her hands pretty deep in the project. For now, we just wait. Wait around patiently to hear more about Mission Control. As soon as we do, you can be sure we will let you know.

For now, just watch Gravity with the volume off and add your own hilarious dialogue to give you a taste of whats to come.

[Photo via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty]

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