Kurt Sutter’s Sons of Anarchy “First Nine” Might Be a Miniseries

Paul December 16, 2013 0


Sons of Anarchy only has one more season left, but Kurt Sutter is speaking once again about how SAMCRO might live on in another form after the main show wraps. He spoke previously about a prequel show set in post-Vietnam when the club was first formed, and now has fresh details about the idea that he shared with THR.

“I brought the concept of the first nine to them very early on, a couple season[s] in. They were intrigued by the idea. Now that FX has expanded and they’re looking at doing standalone seasons and miniseries, I think it’s a probably a lot more viable than it was a few years ago. I love the idea of doing the origin story, even if it’s a standalone 12-episode thing. I love the idea of doing a period piece. It definitely would have different energy, it would be a different kind of show, but I think the real fans would plug into it. We would probably want to rest the mythology for a season or two, meaning that I don’t think we would end Sons and begin the prequel. I think we would let it breathe for a couple years.”

Interesting that this has been brewing for a long while now, and it’s also a good idea that they’re thinking it should be a limited run affair, no more than a season or two. I’m wary about the idea of a prequel period, as we know the fates of nearly all of the original “First Nine” already, but if they keep it short, like say, a 12 episode miniseries just to explore the concept, I think that would be a good idea.

Sutter also has another show on the horizons, his “Executioner,” so I imagine that’s going to be taking up some time on his plate too. Honestly, as much as I love Sons, I’d love to see him move on to something new than invest too much time in a prequel that will maybe be only pale reflection of the original series.

[Photo via Prashant Gupta/FOX]