Is Lack Of Continuity a Problem For Castle?

Castle is probably one of the best written shows on TV today. Witty, fast-paced dialogue and the astounding chemistry between the two leads make for quite a hit for ABC on Monday nights. It is no secret that I am huge fan of the show and it is one of the few shows that I actually take the time to watch live these days. I absolutely love the outlandish plots and the lighter tone of the show when compared to other crime-related series such as CSI and NCIS.

Even though they present gruesome murders week in and week out, they do it in such a lighthearted way that it makes Monday my favorite night of the week because it’s the moment that I can actually relax and enjoy an hour of good television.

There is, however, one aspect of the show that has been bothering me for a while, but more so this season.


While Andrew W. Marlowe and co are masters at writing dramedy, they really lack in the continuity department. Now, before you say anything, I am well aware that Castle is a procedural and because of that you might say that it doesn’t necessarily need to have continuity for the show to work. I understand that. But it’s important to take notice of something here. Castle is supposedly a crime procedural, but what really makes the show tick and be so successful in my opinion, at least are the relationships between characters. Just as in any other drama, the relationships (and not just romantic ones) are the heart and soul of the show. Sure we get a new case each week, but they’re just there to serve as background for the characters to grow and evolve.

And that’s the one thing on Castle that usually leaves me a tad disappointed because, even though it’s a procedural show, there is a bigger story arc. I talked to a group of fans this afternoon to find out if I was the only one who felt like that and, boy, they had a lot to talk about. What has been bothering most fans is that all the major plot points have been, for the most part, sorely ignored in the following episodes.

For example:

Evidence #1

3.06 3XK

In this episode, Castle and Beckett face the fact that a serial killer was smarter than they were and escaped right through their fingers. Castle and Ryan were made hostages; the young detective took a serious blow to the head, which knocked him unconscious, and Castle got a little too close to being shot to death.

The problem here is not that they still haven’t brought up that particular storyline again. What bothers most fans is that this was a significant event and there was no emotional fallout. Castle was distraught and frustrated for letting Jerry Tyson escape by the end of the episode and we haven’t heard a single word about it. How did he deal with being held hostage? Or feeling guilty for letting a serial killer walk away?

After going through such a traumatic experience, you’d think Castle would be a little shaken up. But apparently he wasn’t.

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  • Areli

    I think all of these may come up anytime. As for the kiss, Andrew himself said that if they don't talk about it is because it's not a joke for them, at least for Castle.

    What strikes me a little is Beckett not wanting to face things with Castle the minute she knew about him breaking up with Gina, and trying to work things out with Josh instead.

    Beckett is supposed to be afraid of risking the safe bet and not choosing the one that makes her feel alive, and finally lets her down. With Castle, she has enough proof by now that he's never gonna let her down. He'll always be there for her so why no tdo something about it?

    I think (I hope) the kiss and maybe Becket's infamous and unfinished line in the freezer will come up in the finale.

    • Kell

      I think she knows he's there as a friend, but he's all over the place with women, 2 divorces, who-knows-how-many girlfriends. I wouldn't bet on him just yet either.

  • laura

    thanks for the article. The lack of continuity in castle   is  frustrating. People are excited about  the  LA episode  but  I  have  very  low  expectations because even if they  kiss or something big  happen ,the question is How  are  they  going to  react  in  the  next  episode ? Will they  act  like  nothing happened? Probably, and that´s sad because I feel like the  writers are  playing  with us .

  • Nik

    Yes, the lack of continuity as you call it bugs me, a lot. That`s why I haven't seen anything past the Countdown "event" – I'll wait it out until this season's finale and then watch it all at once so there's not as much frustration between episodes. Castle needs to step it up and the writers have to stop being so afraid of turning Caskett into reality. They could ask Chuck's or Fringe's writers for tips on how keeping things interesting.

  • taymuria

    Thank you for the article! You are absolutely right. But be prepared to be grilled alive by fans who are completely satisfied with the promise of the happy future.

  • He-Touches-Things

    While I generally agree with this, I do not expect a strict continuity, like we had in Seasons 2-4 of Babylon 5.  These writers are progressing their characters gently and with purpose.  I understand they want the casual viewer to be able to watch any episode without needing a lot of backstory.  While I would like to see fallout from major events, I understand what the writers are doing.

  • Helen

    I have to agree with this for the most part. While I've adored the show, I am getting a tad frustrated with the lack of character continuity, especially from Beckett. I was one of the fans who really lost a lot of respect for her after Countdown and although I somewhat understand what the writers were trying to do, I'm so very sick of Kate having the best of both worlds. She knows she has Castle wrapped around her finger, but is too scared to risk anything so stays in a safe relationship before having the guts to go where she really wants to go. And why is Castle the one who always gets hurt, bar the end of s2 – which was all Kate's fault, it's always Castle who's left pining and upset.

    I am waiting til the end of this season to see (hopefully) some proper character development and reaction as opposed to impact-events and then nothing. If, by the end of S3 we're no closer to getting Castle and Beckett on the right path, I'm going to be re-evaluating my Monday night viewing.

  • Jenny

    My issue this season has been the introduction of the Significant Others.

    Gina was at least given SOMETHING useful to help show the audience something of Castle's past, Josh, however, who has stuck around far longer and served no purpose at all other than to be a block to the Castle/Beckett ship.

    I mean, really, what was the point of Josh? There hasn't been one and I doubt there will be one, as we all know he'll be history by season's end. Waste of time and almost as bad as the Countdown ending.

  • youngheejin

    Before I forget, I really find the fact that Beckett wanted to stay with Josh who barely had time for her ridiculously funny and stupid. She said that they have a chance. They have a chance because he stayed instead of going and next thing we know he's back in the plane to save Dumbo. I really think her reason for staying with him is not valid just an excuse. No offense. I still love Castle.

    I expected the lack of continuity because in real life that's what really happens and yes it bothers me. I can name a lot of people actually but in the end they need to have a confrontation or closure about what happened because if they don't then I can see a relationship that is not going to work out. 

    I know it's not in the character to talk about it but if she's going to be forever like that, that does mean she's going to get involve with safe guys forever? Like a broken record that just keeps repeating what it's playing. That's irritating.

    The lack of continuity is fine with me at the moment because it's normal but I am expecting, No I am demanding closure before they get together.

    It is really normal because I have friends who are like that and I'm the one who's frustrated with them. It's like they're just one of the shows I'm watching.

    In real life they're more stubborn and my friend is very much like Beckett. I love her and I can't blame her for acting the way she does but sometimes I wanna smack her, as Lanie would say.

    The best thing to do is be patient and let it be. I've already done my part, it's their turn. At least my friend is not getting involve with anyone because she's honest about herself but her guy is so!!! 

    So I told myself I'm not going to invest my emotions in their relationship because it just makes me angry. 

    I know that the secret of a successful relationship is a good foundation of friendship but this is getting really ridiculous. :D

    I just want to say that this is such a good article. Something to keep the creators and writers of the shows in their toes.

  • BlackNight

    I think that from this episode (3×17) Castle reconsider his relationship with Beckett as a relationship of friend to friend, she's with Josh after all and she said she wanted to give a chance for her couple. So he jokes in the episode with the soap ("maybe we should sleep on it… seperatly"). Before the end of 3×17 Beckett was rather joking.

    Castle remains in the shadows, is there for her but I think it no longer expects a relationship with a big L for Love. He enjoys every moment with Beckett like going to the movies with her.

    I think the evolution of the relation between them makes sense for us even though it is frustrating. And it will make sense if Beckett and Castle gets together in season 4 (middle or end). Otherwise, yes it will be meaningless and the fans will be taken for idiots. For now I want to trust In Marlowe and what he said =)

    ps : sorry for my english.

  • Jen

    Forget about Castle and Beckett. What about the other background characters?

    In 3XK Ryan gets knocked out on one of the only times he's apart from Esposito, he gets his gun, wallet, badge stolen and yet he shows up in the episode just fine. The killer probably knows where he lives and has a thing for Blondes (Ryan's fiance Jenny fits the profile)… is that ever mentioned? Is the fact that he failed to protect Castle ever mentioned? Nope!

    Then again, in Knockdown – Ryan & Esposito get tied up and kidnapped and we don't even get to see if they're ok at the end of the episode and then in the next episode they don't mention it either. Ryan had mild hypothermia and surely must have some emotional fallout from it as should Esposito who was helpless to prevent the bad guys from half drowning his best friend and partner.

    Then you get the little things that don't even get solved by the end of the same episode. In 'Anatomy of a Murder' Ryan says something sarcastic to Esposito which really annoys him and Ryan says "oh great now he's mad at me" then they're apart for the rest of the episode and also very distant for the next few and then we never get to see them resolve anything about it. What was that all about?

    Plus Esposito and Lanie as a couple? Felt as though it was very randomly thrown into one episode and then never really mentioned again… as with Ryan's engagement.

    I LOVE Castle, but they always start these amazing ideas and it feels like they could turn into something really great but never actually quite gets there.

    • Jenny

      You do know the show isn't actually ABOUT Ryan and Epso and they are supporting characters right?

      • Jen

        Uh yes, but these things are noticeable and jarring – they should be cleared up.

        Though… I wish it was just about Ryan & Espo!

    • Melissa

      I agree with you about the other storylines being disappointing. Yes, as Jenny commented the show isn't technically about them, but Ryan, Esposito, Lanie, and the Captain, all play significant parts in Beckett & Castle's world. We get the very sweet episode of Ryan proposing to Jenny, but then nothing….are they planning the wedding, who are they going to ask to stand up with them? That could be used as a great tool to bring Castle & Beckett together (or create more friction between them). I really liked the start of Esposito and Lanie's relationship, but then again nothing. This relationship can also be used to further things between Castle & Beckett, as Beckett can see that close working friends can have a real relationship.

      I will stick with Castle because it is an excellent show, I just wish that they continued with large storylines that they begin, but just never follow through on.

  • Carissa Pavlica

    I think this article by Ken Levine is almost the exact formula on which Castle is based:…Every week it's the same story, no differences, no new plot, no rising above past episodes. Right down to "mug!" and the light bulb over Castles head. EVERY week. As fans, you should expect more, because right now it's delivering the same novella every week.

  • ctf

    This has been my one and only problem with Castle – well besides the SLOW movement of Caskett – but that's not surprising, and I can deal…for a little while longer anyway…

    And while I understand Marlowe's explanation of why the kiss isn't mentioned between the two of them.  I think it needs to be mentioned – like in a conversation between Kate and Lanie maybe.  Or if another character mentioned them kissing in some off hand remark or something, we could at least get a look.

    Or like at the end of knockdown when she said she would visit him EVERY week till he told her who hired him – no mention – but maybe that'll come up in "Knock Out".

    There's been so little continuity that even the mention (finally) of the Old Haunt, and that bottle or scotch the DA had made me happy – it was little things, but there was some reference.

    I guess they do it so the person who is not a die hard fan can tune in any week?  If so, that doesn't seem fair to die hard fans who never miss an ep (and there are plenty)

    Just seems we get all these AWESOME last scenes, some having some major revelations (like in Anatomy of Murder, Lucky Stiff, Poof Your Dead, etc.)  but nothing EVER happens from them.

    I mean if she is staying with Josh because he IS the safe choice, well let us hear her say that!  This would be another great use of Lanie!  Let the girlfriends talk!  Lanie wouldn't be scared to ask her what's going on!!!!

    Yes, Continuity.  PLEASE Castle.  Oh and I just want to end this by saying, I LOVE CASTLE, it is without a doubt the best show on TV, with the best characters and cast!  And this season has been FABULOUS.  I just want to see the growth the characters (especially Casketty) have, SHOW up in the in the next ep, and not feel like we are starting over EACH week.


  • Natalie

    I absolutely LOVE this show. I'm addicted. I watch religiously EVERY Monday, but I agree, the emotional continuity is frustrating. I am very annoyed with it. While I agree that it's not like Beckett to address her feelings, especially about the kiss, I am getting very upset that weeks later, they STILL haven't brought it up. I'm not as excited about watching the show as I use to be. I know they talk about the "Moonlighting" curse, but what's the opposite? You wait TOO long to have something happen and people get bored waiting for it.

    I'm not asking for a wedding or that they actually start dating, but just a little more of something!!! PLEASE!

  • eli

    YEAH, I couldn´t agree more!  I hate the missing continuity too. In some episode more than others. I mean, I can understand the silence about the kiss, but not about the almost dead of the two of them in the freezer or the almost dead of the entire city in countdown. That facts are too big in the life of someone. That change a person I think. 

    Also it bother me that all the "little dates" between Castle and Becket, like the "Forbidden Planet" one, were off screen, off script, I mean we have to imagine it. I would like to see one of it.

  • Andrew Marlowe

    I hear you guys. Some of the stuff you mention is stuff we plan on following up on next season (3XK -Ryan having his gun taken and it  being used in another murder, etc.), and some of it is stuff we just haven't been able to find a place for organically in storytelling in subsequent episodes without slowing down the other aspects of the show. We do our best to balance the procedural and personal over the course of the season without going too fast or slow. But we appreciate the feedback.

    • Linda

      To Andrew Marlowe—–DId youread the last 35 posts?  THey are saying fix this NOW!  The lack of continuity  started from season one.  It is not something new.  It is because you insist on a different writer every week.  You have no continuity because each writer has their focus and it is not what the viewers want.  You are playing with us—we feel and we are wanting this to change.  You are losing the loya viewer with this lack of attention todetail and your insistence to post-pone a normal adult relationship.  If you keep going this way—-Hawaii 5-0 is looking better on Monday Nights!

      • Fan

        Linda. You're rude and you do NOT speak for the vast majority of fans even if you think you do.

        I think Andrew Marlowe and the entire writing team do a fantastic job every week and perhaps you're not aware, but the writers have spoken several times in the past about how even though each episode has a primary writer they all work together on every episode as  a team.

        Take a chill pill and stop trying to speak on behalf of all fans.

    • Fedefromitaly

      Hi Andrew,

      just wanted to let you know that I appreciate SO MUCH your kindness, your humility and your great stories. I actually understand why you chose not to address many things during the episodes, sometimes I don't like it (especially Beckett's long denial and her relationship with Josh) but I understand. 

      That's the first time in my life I join a conversation on the web and I'm doing it only because you really impressed me and I wanted to thank you and tell you I truly respect how you deal with stories, writing and fans' opinions.

      Thank you so much, honestly.


  • Deanna

    The whole season has been jerky. We think Castle/Beckett are moving forward, then nothing is ever said or addressed again. Simply there's no thread weaving these un-left actions together.

    How long would it take for someone say there's been no alert on the "Be On The Look Out" for 3XK? How long would it take for Castle/Beckett to be building theory, are very close to each other, and they suddenly pull back? Realizing their in each others personal space, and remembering that kiss?

    Why can't we have a Beckett/Lanie scene? Not only would we get these two hanging out after work but we'd get the chance to find out were things stand between Beckett/Josh.

    The emotional continuity between Castle and Beckett this season hasn't been great or even good. In season three it should be better woven, IMHO.

  • Geneva

    Personally, it doesn't really bother me too much.

    Like yes, not every episode is extremely emotional/full of character development.

    But think about it, would it really be that enjoyable?

    One of the major reasons why I love Castle is the fact that they can do both intimate, serious and comedic all very well.

    I wouldn't want every episode to be super jampacked with emotion and plot. Sometimes i'm just interested in watching a funny, flirty murder show. I love this show for different reasons every single week.

    In terms of them not continuing plot points, its a tv show. You can't expect them to pick up and carry every little moment that happens. I do agree with some of the points, like the whole Josh thing, and the Triple Killer. But as for the Kiss and the end of Countdown, I kind of like that those things are better left unsaid. It implies that neither of them are willing to risk ruining their friendship based on feelings they don’t even know the either one can reciprocate.

    I do agree that sometimes it can be a little frustrating, but I still love this show just as much J

  • Fred Ressel

    I have been thinking the exact same thing for some time. I'm glad you have brought this up on facebook for the fans. Hopefully the writers read these articles and make changes. I like you don't miss a live episode. Monday night is the best night of television. Awesome article and great comments.

  • Linda

    They might read about these changes—-but they won't follow them!  They have their plan—–whether or not it kills the show is beside the point.

  • Mary Ann

    Luciana, you've said what most of us have been thinking for some time. Thank you! I think this is a problem with series in general though. Writers forget that for the viewer, this is like revisiting a parallel world where your friends are living. You expect that if someone had a busted hand last week, well probably it's still a bit sore this week. Or someone who just lost someone important is still going to be feeling the reprecussions of that loss still the following week. We all understand that networks and producers are concerned about being able to air an episode out of order, or afraid of new viewers getting lost but none of that matters if you lose your core audience. Series that are the most successful usually have a core crew of writers who know the characters inside out. The problem comes when the writers free lance and they are told what the story is about but if they've never seen the show before… well imagine if any of us were told to come up with a script (if we were writers) for a show we'd never seen before? How much care would we be giving to consistency of either the story arc or the character? It would be a one time job- write a story, move on. So it's not that I don't understand lack of consistency but in my opinion, the shows that HAVE consistency are the ones with real lasting power, they are the ones that the fans will fight for because they have come to know what to expect from these characters. When writers write a storyline and manipulate the characters to fit the plot of a particular episode even if it pulls them completely out of character, they risk hurting the show itself and angering the viewers. Viewers have a virtual relationship with these characters- they expect them to act -well like we might- I.e. You don't go from almost declaring your love for one guy one moment then turn around and be ecstatic your current boyfriend has come back and now your relationship with HIM has a chance a few minutes later. You want to intrigue, move, entertain, your viewers not leave them shaking their heads in disgust. That whole scenario seemed like ok,  so she's in love with Castle for this scene – next scene ok now you're back in love with Josh.

    If you want to show Becket being torn like this than have her address it with as others have suggested someone else like Lanie? Girl talk- ever hear of that? Of maybe Ryan and Esposito finally corner Castle and he admits he cares for Becket and he gets some advice – or how about Martha and Becket ending up in a conversation (and don't you DARE think about killing HER off!) and Martha comes right out and tells Becket what she already told Castle- it's not about the book- why do you THINK he's following you?? If they can't talk to each other let Becket and Castle admit their feelings at least as a start to someone else! But using the invisible Josh who just pops up to ruin special moments between Castle and Becket is truly getting just annoying. If this were a silent film you could almost picture this actor run across the screen holding up a sign- JOSH ENTERS AND THE MOMENT IS RUINED. If Becket was supposed to be involved in a real relationship with this guy, we never felt it. Maybe we didn't WANT to see him but we also can't take her relationship with him seriously when half the time she makes him sound more like an irritation – i.e. So where's Josh? Oh he's working again, or he's off saving the world- real passion there Becket! She's much more animated talking about going to the movies with Rick. What fans ar trying to say is it's too contrived now. Andrew and company have faith in your writers, have faith in your actors, have faith in your fans. Treat these characters as if they WERE real people, let's have them react as real people and if something major happens one week please let's at least mention it when we rejoin them the next!

    • Luciana Mangas

      I have absolutely nothing to add to that, Mary Ann. Well said.

      • Dave

        Interesting, I was just thinking about this the other day while debating whether or not to stay up and watch it. Luciana and Mary Ann hit the nail on the head.

        It's like Castle is two different shows and I am never sure which one will be on any given Monday: the romantic drama or the emotion-free crime solver (which won't keep me around long).

    • Anna

      I appreciate Marlowe's concern about the fans. It's really nice. So Mr. Marlowe read Mary Ann's post, there is no subtext in there. It explains my feelings very well. If many people have the same opinion means that something is going on.

  • Kel

    What happened to the bar Castle bought? That's what I've been wondering.

    • Caskett

      He still owns it and they seem to go there on a somewhat regular basis (maybe after a case, etc.). This actually was addressed in "One life to lose".

  • Kell

    I think they absolutely have a of lack follow-up and that bothers me sometimes (the characters stroies and growth is my obsession in my shows-I am like 80% character dynamic driven). HOWEVER, when they finally do get around to bringing some issues up (and they DEFINITELY need to be), THAT is when the characters are going to grow the most. These characters are all stand-offish, unsharing and/or only talk about things as jokes. When this changes, they will have changed and they just aren't ready for it yet. And I mostly disagree about Josh being invisible. He's in quite a few episodes, and as a doctor, esp in NYC, he would extremely busy and in reality terms, if you make him a regular cast member-you've got to pay him more.

  • Reshma

    Mr. Marlowe, 

    If you are reading this, all i want to say is that being a die-hard Castle fan who refuses to see anything negative in the show, I am not really disappointed at all. But since everyone here is making a wishlist, i do agree that seeing a lot of these things on the show would make it so much better. Castle is a brilliant show, hands down the best one on TV right now, but i feel it has the potential to be much better. Of course, you are the master story-teller here, and what we give are merely suggestions, and i remember you saying in a tweet once that "there is a plan". well, i would really love to see how that plan unfolds, and i fully trust your judgement. but reading this article and all the comments under it just makes me wonder, how many such little moments have been there between Castle and Beckett, which have never been brought up, but which have been etched a fan's memory for a long time? I am not saying i want to see it now, but some time in the future, it would be nice to have all the answers, to see all the issues confronted. (the kiss, 3xk, Ryan's wedding, Esplainie, what about the fundraiser for Johanna Beckett's scholarship?) and although i hate to say it, i would actually like to see more of Josh, to know what is really going on between him and Beckett, and how serious they are. We all know Beckett is with him because she wants to be with the safe guy, but then it would be nice to see her admit it, or someone (Lanie) confronts her about it. 

    all said and done, it does not change the fact that Castle, like i said, is the most brilliant show on TV today, thank you for creating it! and we fans have a lot of respect and faith in the creators. I admire you for reading the reviews and responding to us fans, sir. your humility is really touching. Thank you.



  • Edisto

    I'm actually a bit surprised that people feel that way. All my Castle friends and I have always praised the continuity in Castle. Though it's more about "mirroring" scenes from before, like in A Deadly Game/Countdown.

    Though I understand where you're coming from with your examples.

    I feel like Castle is actually really good with the progress the relationship of Caskett is making, compared to most other shows I've watched, and possibly the writers feel that addressing all of that over and over again, will make the relationship progress faster than they want to.

    I haven't been fully satisfied with the last 3 episodes and the lack of Castle/Beckett has been a huge part of it, but I'm hoping it'll all be back on track for the last 4 episodes, so I'm neither worried nor upset about how the writers are handling it all at the moment.

  • Michelle

    I am not surprised by Luciana's opinion and I agree with it. The series began with a certain pacing of the overarching story arc of the characters which was slow and suited a procedural just stuffed with snappy dialogue (love those old Hollywood tropes) and bizarre murder stories that could be used to comedic effect. 

    This season the whole feel is wrong for the reasons Luciana mentions. Willing suspension of disbelief doesn't last forever with the portion of the audience who initially loved this show for its good writing but are being tested by dangling plot revelations. Now if you loved this show from the start because it is a romance that's purpose is to tease the audience with the possiblilities but never move to dealing with the reality of Castle/Beckett as a couple, you are probably still happy. But if you loved this show because it was a witty take on the police procedural with the bonus of a smoking potential romance, you have been first puzzled, then concerned and now starting to mentally cringe thinking what is reveals about you that you are still devoted to this show.

    The question becomes, which segment of Castle's audience are the writers catering to? Frankly, I would love to see the story moved forward, like yesterday, because I am bored with all this dithering. These two characters have shared too many tender moments for two thinking adults not to have actually, well, talked about how they feel about one another. If the writers intend to drag out this teasing against what we all know is usual adult behavior, well, Castle is jumping the shark because of it. We all know this level of attraction only goes on so long without some kind of action occurring.

    Come on, writers, show us you can do funny, smart writing with these two finally getting together. Otherwise, this time next season, we will be facing the cancellation of a series that became a caricature of itself. And that would be both sad and unnecessary.

  • Toni

    Initially I would like to preface this post by praising Mr Marlowe and his cast and crew for their genuine respect for the fans and their interactions with them. It's a very rare thing in fandom to see a cast and crew so obviously comfortable talking and listening to fans, so for that I will forever praise you all to high heaven.

    However, I have to agree that this season of Castle has fallen short for me for many of the reasons mentioned in this article. Emotional continuity is a tricky, and often subjective, issue for a lot of people, but as long as that is tempered with realism it usually has a much wider acceptable swing. I do feel though that Beckett in particular has been badly serviced this season, culminating in a choice that just felt wrong to me, for both the moment and the character in general. As someone mentioned above, Josh has been nothing more than a convenient road-block. He should have been removed from the equation in Countdown, it was a mistake to keep him longer. (and as a huge fan of Victor Webster, saying that pains me)

    I do understand that in a show like this there isn't always time to address issues and fallout as the writers would prefer, especially given the time between final draft and shooting to screen schedule this show keeps. However the engine of this show is, and has always been the Castle/Beckett dynamic and right now I sense a lot of fan frustration with Beckett in particular and also with the 'virtually friends' vibe that seems to have been coming through lately.

    I love this show, sincerely, but I have to hold up my hands and say that recently I've been losing patience and a little interest (since Countdown) and I'm hoping the spoilers we have seen for the last three episodes will negate this little 'slump' for me.


  • Richard

    I started watching Castle by chance. Last Christmas vacation I happened to see the scene between Castle and Beckett just after Demming walks away and she tells Castle they are together. I thought, "Isn't that the actress in Stilleto and The Spirit.  So I caught the whole show later that evening and fell in love with these two characters. Then I went and found all the episodes I had not seen to get caught up. From Flowers For Your Grave until Set-up I had become absolutely captivated with the show. I had never gone to forums in all my life for a show. I loved it. Bought it, taped it. I was a Castle freak!

    Then came Set-up. Okay I was put off a bit, but loved the episode. Then the teaser about the freezer scene. And then…Countdown.  It was like being punched in the stomach by the writers, more like being betrayed. I still love Stana Katic, but the character of Beckett repulsed me. Perhaps because I am a man and could not fully understand how she could be behaving towards both Castle and Josh. Since that show, I no longer trust the writers. When I see teasers I think, "What is the catch? What are we in for now?"

    The show is Katic and Fillion.  Beckett and Castle. Ruin that and the show is finished.  Plan all you want to Mr. Marlowe.  It is the fans who keep everyone working.  Dedicated fans, loyal, at least until now. If I had to pick a title to capsulize season 3, as far as a fan, it would be SUCKER PUNCH

    Thank you Luciana, wow what an article.

    • Richard

      One more thing Luciana,

      Maybe you should write for Castle. This article has gone viral!! :)

      • Luciana Mangas

        Thank you! :)

  • carla

    it is amazing how, we as fans have taken this serie so serious and into our lives, it must say something about the great job the writers and the creator have done.  most of the comments i have read are exactly the way i feel about the show, but i still love it and will continue supporting it.  Mr. Marlowe had the "detail" to read the article and our comments, so it may help the crew to improve some details for next season(s) to come.  i cannot imagine my Mondays without Castle for a while, so let's have some faith.  My only suggestion to Mr. Marlowe is not to promise us things that will not be shown.  If you say "we are thinking about it" or "yes, we have that in mind", we expect to see that during the season.  i refer to some of the ideas/questions the fans raised during the 2010 Comic Con and the Event at the Paley Center.  Personally i have great expectations for the season finale (even when i don't want the season to end) and the fourth season.

  • Shirley

    I think all of you who think Castle is having difficulties with continuity are missing the BIG PICTURE.  Think of Castle, the TV show as a book.  In a book, you may get bits and pieces of the whole story in one chapter, and it doesn't get revisited until a far later chapter which ends up "putting all the strands in place."  Unless you tell the story straight from beginning to end (and not many authors do, especially the good ones), you "jump between characters and events" in each chapter.  You may not know why something was important, or how the character interpretted it, until a much later chapter. 

    To me, that is what Castle does.  Eventually, ALL the mysteries have light shed on them, from how Beckett handled the kiss to how Castle did, to how they handle theirs and other relationships,  but they are NOT handled in a straight forward week by week manner.   There are ONLY SO MANY MINUTES in an episode.  If they attempted to "resolve" the feelings aspect each week from the previous week's show, then they could not introduce other concepts.  I trust that eventually, they WILL handle all the mysteries and we'll get all our answers if we're just patient.  Impatient readers/viewers, to me, are like people who read a story, and then sneak a peak at the last page to see how it was resolved before enjoyed the entire book. 

  • Elaine

    I could not agree more with this article!!!  Very well articulated!

    This is my most favorite show!  But, it is inconsistent, just like you said.  It's so close to perfection, but just a touch out of reach for all the reasons you have mentioned.

    Here is my theory:  They have a team of writers.  But, instead of working together on each episode, each writer takes turns on a different episode.  And evidently, they are not collaborating.

    There is one writer in particular, I wish I could remember her name, but I can't…  Every time one of her episodes plays, I am left feeling frustrated because I feel the writing did not stay true to characters.  Again, sorry for not remembering names, but the first time I can remember was the episode where Castle kept showing up at the crime scenes before the rest of the team.  That was weird.  Didn't seem true to his character.  Every time I've left with a similar feeling that the writer betrayed the true character as it has been developed over the last two years, for sake of crazy plot, I have found out it was the same writer.  Someone needs to tell her that we watch this because of the characters and how they've developed FIRST and the rest of it is just icing on the cake.

  • Kaitlyn

    I completely agree with Shirley. Castle is like a book and you really do only have so much time for each episode. I think that everyone needs to take a deep breath and just listen and be patient. The writers know what they are doing, we just need to trust them. I know I have shared my time of disappointed moments this season, but I keep coming back wanting more. The little things that they don't talk about in other episodes that made a lot of fans go crazy, including myself, the reason they don't mention them is probably because they want you to be hungry for more. And in my opinion they have done so very well. I come back to every new episode hungry and anxious to see what's in store. Yes, I would like the relationship of Castle and Beckett to progress, but if you really think about it, it really has every episode. I completely put my trust in the writers of Castle, and I know that we are in for a great and emotional season finale and an even better season 4!! Castle is by far the best show in tv!!! :)

  • Anne Mac

    The first year had continuity because it was new. They had to establish the characters and the reasons for how they all were and how they came to be.

    The second year built on this but this was where the continuity started to scramble. If one was to look at each individual episode in isolation, all could agree that they were great shows with witty dialogue. But witty dialogue does not make up for continuity.

    Each of the writers are fantastic but Mr Marlow needs to be more of the conductor of the symphony to keep everyone playing from the same sheet of music. When people start writing their own shows with barely a minimum of continuity, we get the drops in the logic.

    I don't know anyone who thought that NOT speaking about the kiss or even alluding to it was a good idea. What it showed were two episodes written in isolation. I understand that the writers cannot create a script in a short period but in addition to giving people some story ideas, each episode should have another sub-plot which is the progression of the characters. True character development will bring the audience along for the ride. What we seem to be getting is 2 steps forward and instead of a step back, they hang a right and are going in a different direction.

    I cannot believe the Josh line. Beckette's character is one that is more reserved and then takes off that reserve coat of protection when it suits the purposes of the writer to put it back on and freeze the Castle character out. I don't know if he or the audience knows from one week to another just what Beckett is going to show up and alas…the continuity issues raises its ugly head.

    There has been more than enough innuendo to this point. Walk around the relationship like it was a skunk in the room is stupid. They have developed Castle's character from the swinger/womanizer to a more mature person who is infinitely aware of Beckett and what he needs to do to win her. It seems that when he has done enough to prove that he has changed – matured – it does not appear to be enough. Perhaps they are writing this to sustain the suspense between the two but frankly, the tease is only good for so long and then the guy – audience – walks away. If the writing of Beckett and the waffling from one week to the next is their way of showing us her vulnerablility, well it is just a bit tired now.

    Get off the stick folks and put a little bit more planning into Season 4. Write down what the goal should be for the season and plan little bits along the way with each show to get you there. I think the problem is that this is not their goal and that the goal is to keep this show going forever. Nice thought but unrealistic so make the plan realistic. If it is, you will have more people tuning in and would love to see it go on for a 10 year run…. that is my hope….. but just take a bit more time in the planning/conducting to make sweet music that is Castle….and Beckett.

  • Jeanne

    I have been disappointed many times by Castle's writers and their lack of consistency with the characters' interests in the other characters. I feel as though the writers are distracted (maybe with their show's success?? and they are drunk with it??) because they are not paying the attention to the details anymore. Maybe they think that they have a loyal fan base and they can just do WHATEVER with the characters and the plot. After all they ARE the creators – right? WRONG.  It causes me to lose interest in the show. I don't like disappointment at the hands of the uninterested, no longer engaged, writers who are no longer putting forth their best efforts. For this reason and also the fact that the Castle character has lost a great deal of his exuberant charm, and is now quiet and contemplative AND hypersensitive to character Kate's every eyelash blink – that he seems to be walking on egg shells – is taking the fun out of the character I really enjoyed. So much so that I have stopped recommending the series so highly, in fact at all.  If someone could just teach the writers that they have to stay the course, have some sort of continuing loyalty to the characters that they created in the first place – that people loved – that would bode better for 'Hollywood' or TV-land in general. So many really good shows get lost in jerking the audience around – like the TV series "

    Bones" – I stopped watching for a year because it was too frustrating – waiting for the writers to get their act together and get back on track. And it takes way too long for them to do that, and they suddenly what we have been waiting for years is suddenly over and done with in one slam bang episode! Leaving the same numbing effect that all the getting jerked around had. We need writers who can turn chapters into books and books into series. Not the 'flash in the pan' successes and then "whatever" to crank out another script. More lasting creativity would be nice.

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