Why Lady Gaga’s Muppet Thanksgiving Special Flopped

Chris Norton December 2, 2013 1


Thanksgiving is a huge day for television. The holiday TV ratings are dominated by NFL games and the Thanksgiving Day parade, but there are other shows that millions of viewers tune into every year as well. For one, ‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’, always a popular family show, was viewed by 5.3 million people this year. The same number of viewers tuned into ‘A Very Gaga Thanksgiving’ in 2011. However, Gaga’s ‘Muppet Thanksgiving Special’ didn’t do nearly as well this year.

According to the ratings, Gaga and the Muppets flopped big time this year with only 3.6 million viewers. The special performed exceptionally poorly in the 18-49 demographic. The 2011 show had a 78% higher rating according to Entertaining Weekly. Even with special guests like Elton John, Kristen Bell, Ru Paul, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt the show was unable to demand viewers’ attention.

Why did Gaga’s special do so poorly this year? Well, first we should note that Gaga’s latest album is on the verge of being an epic failure (by Gaga standards) as well. It’s easy to speculate that, although she will always maintain a level of popularity, Gaga’s act may be getting old. Those who were fascinated with, to put it plainly, the freakiness of the artist may no longer be interested. Secondly, knowing that Gaga is always a ‘little different’ probably turns viewers off for something like Thanksgiving. Historically, Thanksgiving has been football and good old American tradition. Gaga’s efforts to push the envelope with her art makes her a tough play on a holiday like this. Lastly, we have to consider the Muppets. There are new acts taking over. We all love the Muppets, but sadly they may be a thing of the past.

There’s no doubting Lady Gaga’s talent and ability to entertain. However, after eating until combustion there might not be any room to stomach Lady Gaga on Thanksgiving.

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  • Esaul

    Eh. Muppets aren’t getting old given the success of the most recent movie. It’s more Gaga than anything.