Last Comic Standing Is Back!

last comic standing

I will admit, I was a Last Comic Standing fan. I know it is as much of a horror show as it is a comedy show, but that is half the reason I liked it. I liked the fact that some ships would fly on stage, all cyked, and then just crash and burn. It is as if some people are completely unaware they are not funny. On the other end of the spectrum, it also introduced me to some very funny comedians who I would have otherwise never heard about. Well, Last Comic Standing is back this week on NBC. Get ready for a funny and sometimes awkward ride.

Last Comic Standing has not actually aired in four years, and comes back the 22nd to NBC. The truth is, in the few short years the show ran they tapped a lot of great talent. But they had to step back a bit due to dipping ratings in the 2010 season. Well, it looks like NBC thinks the world is ready to laugh again, so they have resurrected this beast.

As you know, the show focuses on comedians looking for their big break, performing in front of more well-known comedians (and the world) to see who has the chops to go on and get their own stand up special. Think American Idol for comedians, and you hit the nail on the head. What makes this show fun is that you get to know some good new comedians, while getting to see some awful ones crash and burn. Don’t act like you are not into that. These shows would not exist if you weren’t into that.

So tune into NBC on May 22nd at 9 to see who makes the cut, and who gets the axe.

[Photo via NBC]

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