Which Late Night Talk Show is the Most Popular?

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There is a war going on that you do not even know about. The war for late night television supremacy. If you think about all the late night talk shows, do you know how they stack up in popularity, next to each other? Which is most popular? Which is the least popular. Well, thanks to TV By The Numbers, we have some answers for you about just who is the king of late night right now.

…And he winner is (no shock here) Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Fallon has just managed to strike the perfect balance between informative, fun, and kooky. He gets his guest to disarm and do some genuinely fun stuff, and we think that is what edges him ahead. What actually makes me sad is that Conan O’ Brien comes in 9th out of 10 places. What the heck? Under Fallon, he is the best there is. Well, second in the rankings of best Late Night Talk Show is The Jimmy Kimmel show, with Seth Meyers new late night gig topping the third spot.

Thing is, I don’t think anyone realized that guys like Fallon and Meyers would have never made it without Conan O’ Brien bringing his particular brand of humor to late night. All I saying is, credit where credit is due.

In the very last spot is The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Well, looks like the young newbs are leading the charge. Funny world we live in, but Fallon really does deserve it.

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