Laura Prepon Wants Us To Know She Is NOT Dating Tom Cruise


As I am sure all of you have heard in the last few days, there is a rumor that Orange is the New Black star Laura Prepon is dating Scientology mad man, Tom Cruise. It seems like an odd story, because it is. There is also something about it that just doesn’t seem right. Not saying one is too good for the other, but Laura Prepon seems human, and I am pretty sure Tom, Cruise is 80% alien. Anyway, the actress wants us all to know she is not dating Tom Cruise.

Thing is, sounds like she might be. Seriously, she says she doesn’t date the star. But then, in her next breath, she talks about how great Scientology is and how all people who meet her are blown away at how she is (and apprently, Scientology is the source of it all). I’m sorry, but Cruise is all about having a Scientology lover by his side, and someone who is usually hip and “with it” at the time, like kids say. It makes sense to me he would want to groom her and have her by his side for when his alien overlord friends take over.

Truth is, she can date who she wants. She can be whatever religion she wants. As long as it doesn’t affect how awesome Orange is the New Black is. I am a TV guy. What you do outside of that is up to you.

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