Leonard Nimoy Reveals He Has Chronic Lung Disease from Smoking


Well, this is incredibly upsetting and depressing news to be announcing, but sadly, the more the world knows, the more they can avoid a similar fate. Seems famed actor Leonard Nimoy has revealed he has chronic lung disease from smoking. The saddest part is, all this time on Star Trek, Spock was telling us to live long and prosper. Now, all we went is the same thing from him. It is the kind of thing you would wish on no man at all. No human, for that matter. But if anyone can persevere, it is Spock.

The actor was brave enough to take to his Twitter and share the sad news with all his fans. What he has technically is called COPD. Chronic obstructed pulmonary disease. It is a progressive disease that makes it harder and harder to breathe for the person suffering from it. We have two reactions to this. Our first is just to be taken aback by the tragedy. It’s terrible anytime anyone is affected with a serious disease. This is even harder because of just how much of a science fiction hero he is to so many people.

Our other thoughts on it are a bit more hopeful. Honestly, we hope that works as a wake up call to anyone smoking to realize, this life is a gift and should not be squandered or wasted. Maybe if enough sci fi fans learn about this, it will turn more and more people off to smoking. I mean, if smoking can take down one of the most stoic figures in science fiction, what makes any of us think we have a chance?

Mostly, our thoughts and prayers go out to Leonard Nimoy in this trying time. Live long and prosper, friend.

[Photo via Kevin Winter/Getty]

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