Lets Talk About How TV Worked Before DVR, TIVO, and Netflix


Please children, gather around the fire and allow me to take a moment of your time to tell you a tale. A tale of a time long forgotten, when men and women couldn’t just watch their favorite shows any time they wanted to for as long as they wanted to. No, I am speaking of a time before TIVO and DVR and Netflix. A time when you HAD to watch your favorite shows when they were actually ON! I know it sounds terrifying to us all now, but this was only a a few decades ago.

Imagine the horror of that? Instead of having the luxury of being able to watch your favorite shows like Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones when the time was most convenient for you, you actually had to conscientiously go out of your way to make sure you had no plans, nothing to do, and were in front of a TV when these shows aired. The worst part? If you missed an episode, you would have to wait for (wait for it, wait for it…) reruns.


Reruns were when the show would rerun an already aired episode at a later date. The problem was, reruns were generally random. So you could watch every week, miss one week, and by all intents and purposes, not be able to catch back up with a show. The reality is, we are spoiled now. We have all our shows digitally recorded and just waiting for us like some servant. But the irony is, we used to be the servants. We used to be the ones, waiting around for the show to air once a week.

For me, the last show I recall doing this for was The Simpsons. Every Sunday at 8 pm, I would be in front of Fox, having no idea that within a decade I would have an app on a phone in my pocket that had every episode of the Simpsons in it, for me to watch whenever I want.

Pretty sure none of this is real and we are living in a science fiction novel. Just saying.

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