LeVar Burton Finds Out He Raised One Million For Reading Rainbow (on Video)


My generation, which is slightly older than yours, grew up on the LeVar Burton show, Reading Rainbow. It not only taught us how to read, but helped teach us a myriad of other life lessons we carried with us our whole life. As most of you know, LeVar Burton had hopes to bring back the show, and took to Kickstarter to try to fund it. Well, we love our nostalgia, so the world took to it quick. Truth is, it took him a day to raise one million and realize the dream of bringing Reading Rainbow back to the masses. Thankfully, his reaction to seeing the Kickstarter is caught on tape, and quite moving.

I will tell you, seeing stuff like this feeds the soul. A good man wanting to do a good thing for the world and it actually happening.  Plus, to know some many of US helped fund it makes it show the impact the original show had on the world. Okay, enough talk, get ready to be hit by a whole bucket of feels:

How can you fault such a genuine man at having such a genuine reaction to something that moved him? Plus, on top of it, we get Reading Rainbow back, so this is a victory that should be celebrated by all.

[Photo via Getty Images]

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