Why We Like Depressing TV

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Some people cannot understand how people can enjoy depressing TV. How you can watch a show where tons of people die, or where bad things happen to really good people. Some people say they want to escape into happier places when they watch their shows. But allow us one moment to ask: how is that escapism any different? Most people want to escape to a happier place, and that is fine. But some of us find comfort in places that are darker than where we normally reside. Sometimes, depressing TV makes us feel better about our own lives.

Up to now, maybe no one will admit that. They will say they just like stuff that is messed up and twisted and such. They like being uncomfortable. Do not get me wrong, when it comes to shows like True Detective, that could be true. But let’s all be honest for a second. Real life is not that great. We all pay bills, and none of us are making the money we deserve, and half of us have sleep and family and relationship problems. None of us are skipping through some Disney landscape here. This is life, and it is cruel and mean and twisted from time to time. So some of us like to turn to depressing TV because it not only shows us that our lives are not that bad by comparison….but it also shows us we are not alone in that madness.

Sometimes, as long as you know someone is knee deep in the same stuff you are, it makes you feel a little better about being in it, yourself.

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