Lookwell: The Best Show (By Conan O’ Brien Starring Adam West) That You Never Saw

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Many years back, Conan O’ Brien helped write and produce a show called Lookwell. The show starred Adam West as a former actor who truly believed he could solve crimes based on the characters he used to play. I was sent the pilot episode from an insider friend years ago, and spent the entirety of the show laughing out loud. Not only was it brilliant satire, it played off many hilarious TV tropes, and was using Adam West ironically long before everyone else realized how smart a move that was. So why did Lookwell never make it to TV? Truth is, someone messed up passing up on this show, and I believe it may be safe to say they no longer have a job.

The sad part is, this happens all the time. Awesome shows get passed by from major networks because the people who run the networks are out of touch. Lookwell almost landed at NBC, but was passed on last minute, with co creator Robert Smigel citing that he wasn’t sure if people would want to tune in and watch that every week. Well, I can tell you, I would have watched the heck out of that show. I know I am not alone, as the single pilot episode has garnered a huge cult following of people who saw it and fell in love with its self aware brand of humor. You can definitely feel Conan O’ Brien wacky brand of humor in it.

I am not going to tell you to click here and watch the whole thing, because that would be wrong. That is just the kind of thing Lookwell would kick my door in for. But if you do watch it, feel free to weep at the fact that it was never a full show, and would have possibly been the funniest show ever.

[Photo Jerod Harris / Stringer]

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