LOST S6 Premiere in Hawaii: Roll Out the (Spoiler-Free) Red Carpet

Great news, Lost fans – I am flying to Honolulu this week to attend the Lost Season 6 Premiere “Sunset on the Beach” screening, and will be on the red carpet before the event on Saturday to interview cast and crew!

Although I have about five years of questions myself, I decided to open them up to you as well. We don’t know in advance which members of the cast and crew will be attending, but if you have a question for one of them – please leave it in the comments section below (and specify WHO your question is for). I can’t guarantee that all of your inquiries will be rewarded, but I will print them all out, organize them on the plane and bring them with me to the red carpet.

Please note that they are only debuting the first hour of Episode 6.01 and my coverage will be 100% spoiler-free. I will keep you updated about everything leading up to and after it, but when “LA X” airs on Saturday night, I will not be sharing any details about what actually happens on screen. A mere three days later, most of you will find out anyway! We would like to ask that you please refrain from posting spoilers here as well.

So stay tuned to this site throughout the weekend, as we will feature a Twitter feed of my on-the-scene reports beginning Friday evening (I am hosting a fan meet-up in Waikiki!). Of course you can also follow along on Twitter (@TVOvermind & @JOpinionated) and Facebook.

If you submit a Lost question, you will be entered to win one of the custom, commemorative Lost tote bags that were created just for the big event. A winner will be randomly selected upon my return from Hawaii. Thank you in advance!

  • Rhiannon

    (For any of the cast) If the show had lasted another season, what is something you would have liked to see happen?

  • Kush

    Yunjin Kim: What can we expect from your character in season 6? A return to dark!Sun perhaps?

  • lifeisrocknroll

    To Charlie: for you as an actor, what are you greatest hits in the show?

  • http://www.wacvet.com/ Sue Eckhardt

    For Damon & Carlton: For mysteries that are not resolved by the end of the show, will you be willing to explain them once the finale has aired?

  • jennY

    wow thats such awesome news for you to be able to be on the red carpet!!

  • Susan

    For Damon or Carlton: I've heard the ending will be bittersweet but satisfying. I know there will be some casualties, but without naming any names of course, can you just confirm that at least a few of the characters will be alive and happy at the end?

  • scarlos16

    or Josh: Do you have any plans for another series or movies after LOST is finished?

  • http://twitter.com/lostdogs20 Tina

    To Matthew Fox: Can you give an update on the Billy Smoke project? When do you think it will get made?

  • http://twitter.com/Ob_FuSc8 Ob FuSc8

    Darlton/Gregg Nations/writers: Did the Purge actually take place in 1992? If so, how did Rousseau manage to survive and change the radio tower transmission undetected by DHARMA?LOST University: How are the 1st 108 students to graduate going to be determined, and are they still going to get Darlton signed diplomas?

  • http://twitter.com/DarthLuis Luis

    For Damon and Carlton: When LOST is inevitably remade what would you like to see happen?

  • Cassie

    This question is for anyone: If you were a shape, what shape would you be?

  • Julie B

    To Josh. Do you plan to audition for Hawaii Five-0 which is going to be remade?

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  • silvias_spain

    To Michael Emerson:Will we know to whom seems Juliette, and why did Ben fell in love with her? And what happened to Annie?

  • Josh

    Ask them a math question. See which of them is the smartest!

  • JB

    I have a similar question to Michael Emerson:Will we know more about Juliet and Ben's relationship this season? Who does she looks like? Will they share any scenes together?I need Ben and Juliet.

  • http://www.boozeworthy.com/ Doc Holliday

    To anyone you can get your hands on, but I guess Matthew Fox would be a good "candidate.""LOST has always delivered shocking twists and turns, not only in season finales, but also throughout the mid-season episodes. What jaw-dropping moment truly stands out in your mind the most after 5 seasons of filming the show?"

  • Johnification

    This might come as very minor comfort, but Damon and Carlton have already confirmed that Vincent will survive the show. :)

  • Kush

    Yunjin Kim: After the show is over do you plan on going to Korea full time or try another Hollywood project?

  • garfeimao

    This can be asked of any cast member. "Looking back at the Pilot and those first few episodes, compare who you thought your character was and where they were going back then with what they've become now. Were you close?

  • tobordab

    This question is for Damon Lindelof and/or Carlton Cuse.Has the realization that the end is nigh truly sunk in yet?

  • Vince Halter

    to the cast…Do any of you plan on hitting up JJ for a role in the next Star Trek movie? And if so, who would you like to be?

  • Alex

    To Josh Holloway, or any other cast member: What kind of roles do you want to pursue after LOST, if you choose to continue acting?

  • Lauren O'Shea

    To Terry O'Quinn:Did you know much about the real philosopher John Locke when you began season 1? Have you read much about him since doing the show? How do you feel about his philosophy and the way you portray Locke on "Lost"?


    To all the LOST cast: Have you fallen in love with the magical island of OAHU, Hawaii enough to make it your home once the season is over?

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