Sneak Peek & Soundbites – LOST 6.04 “The Substitute”

So can we all agree that last night’s episode started out as a bit of a filler episode and then got pretty awesome in the last ten minutes? Jack swallowing poison! Sayid possessed! Claire as the new Rousseau! The return of Ethan! And then some stuff with Kate having a heart thrown in, but that was fairly unimportant. My only concern is that we cannot afford ANY filler episodes in season 6. Because there are 600 million questions that we need answers to and only, like, 14 more episodes to go (Or is it 13? Math has never been my strong suit)

ABC has released a sneak peek for next week’s all new episode of Lost (airing on February 16), along with some interviews with Terry O’Quinn. Next week’s episode is Locke centric, so check out the videos below. Oh, remember Locke’s old boss Randy? So did the show, because he’s back and he’s just as snarky as he was when we left him.


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