Mark Wahlberg Making Reality Show About Beer and Nerds

Being a Massachusetts boy, we hear a lot of Mark Wahlberg talk. From the fact that he is a mega movie star, to the fact that he owns a burger joint with his brothers, someone always has something to say about Mark Wahlberg. The most recent bit of news that popped up seems a little insane, though. Mark Wahlberg will be making a reality show about nerds brewing beer that he hopes will be like The Big Bang Theory, except real, and with beer? Yeah, that is pretty insane.

The show, tentatively called The Big Brew (ugh) will feature some M.I.T students who starting up a brewery and trying to figure out the details of what it takes to make and sell great beer. The show is only getting a chance because of the success of Wahlburgers, the reality show about the Wahlbergs burger joint. Wow, some days when I write stuff, it seems too insane to be true. Thing is, all of this is true. Shockingly enough, A&E have already ordered a pilot of The Big Brew. So as surreal as all this sounds, I couldn’t make this stuff up.

Though it sounds an interesting premise, it also sounds like it could be a mess if not handled correctly or made to pander to the audience. In that sense, it is way too early to pass any judgement on The Big Brew. More details over at Deadline Hollywood.

[Photo via Getty Images]

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