Marvel Announces Guardians of the Galaxy Animated Series


To say Marvel has a lot of faith in Guardians of the Galaxy is something of an understatement. They gave the movie at least a $200M production budget to work with, despite being a film full of unknown characters led by an unproven lead, Chris Pratt. Now, they’ve already greenlit a sequel from the first movie’s director, and they’re even making an animated series to boot.

The new animated show was revealed at where else, SDCC, and featured cartoon versions of the cast, primarily Rocket Raccoon and Star Lord, but all characters are said to appear. The show ill join Marvel’s other animated programs this fall,  Avengers Assemble, Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., and Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors. 

It’s highly unlikely that any of the actors from the film will be voicing their characters in the animated series. Most are movie stars with busy schedules (Diesel, Cooper, Saldana), one is a newcomer about to be swimming in job offers (Pratt) and one is a wrestling superstar (Bautista).  I’m just not sure any of them will have the time to lend to a side-project like this. That said, animated series like this are generally pretty good at finding talented folks to take the reigns.

What do you think? Is Marvel over-extending itself with Guardians of the Galaxy? Is it really going to be a big a hit as they think, or will audiences not show up even with what are likely going to be amazing critical reviews? We will find out in about a week, it seems.

[Photo via Marvel]

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