Mathew McConaughey Explains Alright, Alright, Alright


Some famous people create unintentional catch phrases for themselves without even thinking about it. One such man is Mathew McConaughey, and one such catch phrase is his famous “alright, alright, alright” that he seems to say every time he wins an award (or is pretty much does anything). For a while now, many have wondered where that odd catch phrase came from. A night of late night bongo playing on the beach with some friends, perhaps? Well, good news. We got some video, and in it, Mathew McConaughey explains alright, alright, alright. It is pretty much about as much a McConaughey answer as you could hope to get.

I will admit, I am a huge Doors fan, and a huge Dazed and Confused fan, so finding out that his catchphrase is the summary of both of those things is quite amazing to me, and just makes me like Mathew McConaughey even more. Here, catch the crazy (awesome) story for yourself.


So not only is it HIS line now, even in that movie, it was pretty much purely improv. Just a perfect storm of moments adding together to create an even MORE perfect moment. The best part when Mathew McConaughey explains alright, alright, alright is, somehow, his story makes it even MORE epic. Such a simple catch phrase, but I will admit, even I am hooked on it.

[Photo via Jason Merritt/Getty]

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