Matt Damon Gets His Revenge on Jimmy Kimmel (Again)


Anyone who has followed Jimmy Kimmel’s late night talk show knows about his nightly diss to Matt Damon. It started as a joke years ago, Kimmel would say “Apologies to Matt Damon, we ran out of time” at the end of every show. The kicker was, Damon was never set to be a guest those nights. For someone reason it stuck, and Kimmel kept doing it. Eventually, Damon got to get his revenge and take over the show from Kimmel. Now it seems, Matt Damon will spar with Jimmy Kimmel one more time.

The episode will air Feb 6th, as informed to us Entertainment Weekly. The episode will feature Matt Damon hosting his co-stars from the Monuments Men movie (such as George Clooney). There is also rumors that the cast of the film will read some offensive tweets about themselves on air. We gotta admit, those bits are hilarious.

As you guys know, Matt Damon took over once before, and the show was a riot. I think the kicker was when he had Sarah Silverman on. You know, Jimmy Kimmel’s ex-girlfriend. Check and mate, Matt Damon. How about them apples?

So make sure to tune in on February 6th when Matt Damon gets his revenge on Jimmy Kimmel, one more time.

[Photo via Kevork Djansezian/Getty]

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