Matt Smith (of Dr. Who Fame) Joins Terminator Trilogy

Nerds really dig former “Good Doctor” Matt Smith. There is just a sheepish likability to him that is hard to deny. So the news today that he will be joining the new Terminator trilogy is a pretty big deal. All we know so far is that he will be joining the new Terminator trilogy for a small part in the first film, but a significantly more important role in the second and third films. Wait, we are getting three new Terminator movies? And Doctor Who is in them? My nerd mind is imploding right now.

As of right now, the cast for this reboot is amazing, especially for fans of TV. Heck, we have Khaleesi playing Sarah Connor. That, alone, will bring in many heads. Add to that Doctor Who, and Ah-Nuld from the original and you have a reboot that (GASP) actually sounds like it could work. Can I go out on a limb and say I think that Matt Smith will be playing a Terminator? I mean, just look at that face. His features already look like plastic peach skin pulled over a robotic skeleton. So if we find him in that role at one point in these three films, do not be surprised at all.

Seriously. I don’t usually get excited about reboots (especially when something has already been rebooted once and failed) but I am pretty sure I am on board with this one. Doctor Who and Khaleesi? Come on, what TV nerd wont be at this movie when it comes out?

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