Matthew McConaughey May Be Bringing Killer Joe To Life on TV


Not sure if you saw the William Friedkin Matthew McConaughey movie of the same name a few years back. If you saw it, you would not forget it. Killer Joe was a police officer and hitman who was pretty much the shadiest character put on film in a long time. It is the role that shifted my thinking about the stellar actor and just what he could do. Rumor is, William Friedkin may be bringing Killer Joe (and a TV version of his classic, To Live and Die in L.A) to television.

I, for one, would love to see the further exploits of the Killer Joe character on TV (HBO please), but I would want nothing to do with it if the titular character were re-cast. It was specifically Matthew McConaughey’s swagger and drawl that made that character so gross and creepy, yet watchable. On adapting moves to TV show format, Friedkin told the A.V. Club ““The only thing I’m interested in now is long form, which is what you’d call television.” Thing is, both of those films are dark and gritty and twisted. Fallen into the wrong hands (or actors, or networks) they could be disasters.

But Matthew McConaughey brought something unreal to television with True Detective, and I would love to see him giving some more chances to shine on the small screen. Killer Joe would be a great fit, but would people want to spend week after week with amorally bankrupt character? Time will tell.

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