Michael Strahan Joins Good Morning America

michael strahan

I think we can all admit that Michael Strahan has done quite well for himself. Not only did he have his professional career in football, but he also managed to parley it into a surprisingly engaging run of Live with Kelly and Michael. There are not many sports stars who could do that transition quite as smoothly as Strahan did, and now we get the news that Michael Strahan joins Good Morning America. Not too shabby, man. Not too shabby.

As TV Line points out, fans of Live with Kelly and Michael need not worry. Michael Strahan is only joining GMA part time, and will still be allowed to focus his energy on both shows. But in all honesty, who saw this coming? I sure didn’t. I will be the first one to admit that, when they announced him as co-host to step in for Regis, I was surprised. Honestly, though, I was even more surprised with how natural he felt on camera. It is quite clear hosting is something he is god at, and we are glad he is getting a chance to spread his wings even further in the morning show department. That cannot be an easy transition to make, but Strahan made it look easy.

Somehow, we think it is safe to assume it is not quite as easy as he made it look. He is just that good. This is a step in the right direction for Good Morning America, too, as they just lost two of their male hosts this year. We think Michael Strahan will fill that void quite nicely.

[Photo via Frazer Harrison/Getty]

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