Mike Tyson Mysteries Is An Actual Show That Is Happening

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Every now and then on this site, I report news that blows my own mind. The following story is one such case of that. As many of you know, I am a huge fan of all the insane programming over at Adult Swim. My last article was a bit of news that Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is getting his own show on the network, and now I have news that is even more insane. Three words for you: Mike Tyson Mysteries. Not even kidding you right now.

Seems Adult Swim has picked up Mike Tyson Mysteries for its next batch of new shows. Think Scooby Doo, but with Mike Tyson, and you have a pretty solid idea what to expect. The irony is the show will focus on current, peace-loving, bird tending Mike Tyson. So along with his mysteries will come affirmations and the spreading of positive energies wherever he goes. If there is one person reading this who thinks this sounds like a bad idea, I wish I could reach out and slap you right now. To me, this sounds like the best idea ever. A retro style cartoon about, of all people, Mike Tyson helping to solve mysteries? I would start waiting in line right now if I could.

Sadly, we will be waiting awhile for Mike Tyson Mysteries. It may not be poking its nose around until 2015. Until then, we can just work on our lisp.

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