The Most Reblogged Actors of 2013

Paul December 30, 2013 1


Want to know why Supernatural is still on the air after nine seasons? One word: Tumblr. The show has a ridiculously enormous fan base on the site, as every week fans to take Tumblr to reblog GIFs of their favorite actors from the show, which is why they make up three of the top five most reblogged actors of the year:

Most Reblogged in 2013: Actors
Benedict Cumberbatch
Jensen Ackles
Matt Smith
Jared Padalecki
Misha Collins

The non-Supernatural guys in the list are Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch and Doctor Who’s Matt Smith. I’m surprised Tom Hiddleston wasn’t on here, but he must be number six.

As for the girls? There’s generally more Hollywood than TV here:

Most Reblogged in 2013: Actresses
Jennifer Lawrence
Emma Watson
Vanessa Hudgens
Lea Michele
Kaya Scodelario

Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson and Lea Michele make sense, but Vanessa Hudgens? Either Spring Breakers was huge on Tumblr or she just has a really well-maintained page there. I’m guessing some combination of the two. And even after Googling Kaya Scodelario, I can’t quite figure out who she is other than an actress on the UK’s Skins. I guess whoever she is, she makes for good GIFs?

I’m going to have to watch Supernatural one of these days, it seems. Will it appear to a non-female Tumblr user who generally likes other CW shows?

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  • PopRock123

    You might like supernatural especially the first 5 season , on imdb the male average rating is a 8.6 only .4 less the the women average. Imho more males watch it but women are more vocal about their love for the show.