MST3K to Return to TV (Or Will It?)

So I was lying in bed last night, thinking about what I would name a boat if I got one. Insane, I know. The thing is, I decided I would name it Rosdower. Only true fans of MST3K (Mystery Science Theater 3000) will know just how awesome a name that is. That led to me thinking about just how much I miss that stellar show. So imagine my absolute bliss when I wake up today to the news that MST3K may be returning to TV? M head nearly exploded. Someone go fetch me my Manos: Hands of Fate bathrobe, stat!

As Zap2It points out, MST3K may be coming back to TV on National Geographic (I did NOT see that coming). Don’t get too excited, though. This will be a limited run, and there is some fine print attached. Yes, they will be bringing back all three actors who did the show (and turned it into Rifftrax), but they will only be doing three episodes, all set to air on National Geographic on April 1st.

Wait a second!

That is April Fool’s Day. Listen. Not for nothing, but something smells fishy here. Why NatGeo? Why only three episodes? Why is no one mentioning what those episodes are? Listen, I am not trying to be a skeptic here, but if I find out someone is playing games with my emotions (which is what this sounds like), heads will role. MST3K is sacred to me, and if I get tricked into thinking I am getting some new episodes, and then get some commercials or something, I will be livid.

Don’t mess with my cult shows, yo.

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