When Muppets Meet Twin Peaks, Magic Happens

twin peaks

There are some things you just never take the time to imagine together. Certain awesome things that you know would only be more awesome if they joined, yet your mind never goes there. Until finally, someone goes there for you and proves exactly what you probably would have assumed had your mind gone there first. In this case, I am talking about the awesome, surreal masterpiece of 90’s TV, Twin Peaks, mashed up with the Muppets. You may have never imagined it, but you already know how awesome this will be.

The artist’s name is Justine Lawrence DeVine, and in his illustrations, he has a whole set of art over on Tumblr that mash up Twin Peaks with the Muppets. Growing up with these two shows may help your appreciation for it, but it works better than it should. Once you start gazing some of the watercolor art, you will realize Muppets fit eerily well into the world of Twin Peaks. Why? The very idea of a Muppet is kind of insane (to quote Homer Simpson: It is not quite a mop, and it is not quite a pet), and the world of Twin Peaks is nothing but unbridled, madcap, madness. So once you see Gonzo as the little dude who spoke backwards you realize, this would probably work as a real adaptation as well.

Minus all the death and violence, of course. Shout out to Uproxx for noticing finding this.

[Photo via Justine Lawrence DeVine]

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