The Mysterious Seinfeld Reunion is Not a Super Bowl Commercial


A few weeks ago we talked about how Jerry Seinfeld was seen at Monks with Larry David and Jason Alexander. This led many to assume there was a sort of Seinfeld reunion in the works. The thing is, details are scarce and no one would confirm or deny why they were filming there. Many speculated about a potential Super Bowl commercial, but that good news is, that is not the case.  It will be a Seinfeld reunion, but we still don’t know the details. But we do know it is a one shot thing, and NOT a Super Bowl commercial, according to Jerry himself.

So in essence, this was only Jerry Seinfeld teasing us even more. Variety has the story, but we just told you all the beefy parts. Jerry Seinfeld recently told radio DJ’s Boomer and Carton of WFAN that it was not a bit for his Comedians In A Car Getting Coffee web show, and that it is not for a commercial. He confirms it as a Seinfeld reunion, and something he is doing with Larry David, but that is all he is giving us.

You know what? That’s good enough for me. Knowing I will get another Seinfeld fix, no matter how I get it, is music to my ears. More on this story as details emerge.

[Photo via Jemal Countess/Getty]

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